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Sahaja Yoga has been providing an important community service in Western Australia for many years. Some of theáinitiatives include:

Educational Programs

Programs are regularly conducted on University Campuses around Perth and in primary and secondary schools. Many educational institutions are seeing the correlation between a balanced mental state and educative success outcomes.

If you are a member of the faculty of a school or tertiary institution and are interested in finding out more about Sahaja Yoga programs and courses in the education sector, please complete the enquiry form on the contact page andáwe will be in touch with you.

Rehabilitation Programs

People in recovery are particularly susceptible to emotional lapses and need every bit of assistance that they can get. Sahaja Yoga has been working with the Next Step Addiction Recovery Centre in East Perth for the lastá4 years, conducting weekly meditation sessions for inpatients and outpatients attending the centre. These programs have been very successful in helping people establish simple meditative techniques to stay calm and balanced.

Prison Programs

Recently Sahaja Yogaámeditation programs have commenced in Boronia and Bandyup womens prisons. People in prison have many internal struggles and challenges to face as they try to come to terms with past actions and build a bridge to a better future. The presence of Sahaja Yoga in these institutions provides the women with anáopportunity toáaddress issues of anger,áforgiveness, acceptance etc, in a subtle way through the meditation.

The awakening of kundaliniáautomatically starts to put each person 'in touch' with their own true nature, the essence of themselves devoid of their negative pasts. This addresses the causal and is a vital step in the healing process, which empowers them to move forward and to understand their lives in a new perspective.

Medical Programs

As shown in the section on Medical Research many studies and trials have been conducted by third party medical sources, that have shown the benefits Sahaja Yoga meditation┬áhas had on people afflicted with a range of medical ailments. This has included groups of children suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD),áthose affected with Asthma, and people with stress-related disorders.

If you are in the medical fraternity or indeed you are a parent or a partner of someone suffering a medical condition you may like to explore how Sahaja Yoga meditation can contribute to the healing program of your patients or loved ones. If you would like to know more simply complete the enquiry form on the contact page and we will contact you.





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